welcome to avante footwear

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and remember those pleasant times in the past when you were so at ease. Just think how comfortable you felt. A precious moment that you want to relive again.

"This is our reason to be and the reason why we created Wanda Panda, we want our designs to enable you to experience that sensation each day."

A footwear line inspired by the Mediterranean breeze. They will become part of your style, the way you dress, and your own charisma as soon as you start wearing them.

The entire collection of Wanda Panda women’s shoes is made with materials that absorb the impacts in each step. The comfort in a shoe should never be at odds with the design, which is why they believe that a different and comfortable design at the same time is possible. Discover the latest in comfortable shoes following the latest trends.

With a wide range of colors, textures and different materials they manufacture high-quality footwear, designed and manufactured entirely in Spain, for a perfect walk full of comfort at every step. All the styles are “casual” at the same time comfortable, specially designed for a woman who wants a new concept when walking.