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At FLY London the brief to their designers as ever has no limitations. “Go where the inspiration takes you!” is the message!

There is no overbearing management style during the design process, no stifling meetings with corporate jingoistic language, instead, there's a joyful and instinctive creative period that translates itself to the product.

There is no seasonal theme but an understanding by everyone involved of what
FLY London stands for. This leads to a brilliantly varied range which is also cohesive in that it adheres to the Fly London ethos of 'always progressive never conventional.'

They have created an upbeat joyous collection full of colour, innovation, and humour!

Their feet are planted firmly in fashion whilst their heads dream of the new... and what's the result?

A refreshingly balanced collection, different from the rest of the high street, having all and no trend at all, letting creativity do its work, following the motto again: “always progressive, never conventional”

The Spring Summer 2018 collection aims to please FLY London's fans with chic and comfort; quirky uppers, dinky rounded toe shapes, androgynous styles, iconic uppers, tottering platforms, retro toe shapes, curvy stacked heels, wooden soles...

In terms of materials, the FLY London range is more varied than ever before, they are dip-dyeing shoes in the entire summer palette, making them from waxed canvas, soft canvas, and a new range of chunky leathers that don't need lining, as well as favourites from the past like RUG and MOUSSE... the result is daring, fun and unique. The range is bigger than ever before but completely varied and never repetitive.

The FLY London team have obviously enjoyed going where the inspiration has taken them; we like the results and hope that you do too.

Don't walk, FLY!